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Dizzy Disc OG and Therapywide Key Features:

The Original Model for 3 years and up. Upto 150 lbs.

Therapywide Model for 8 years and up. Upto 400 lbs.

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How It's Built and Works!

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The Dizzy Disc Original and TherapyWide is Built to Last! Watch the videos below to know how we make it and how it moves !

This is NOT just a FLAT Spinner or a Cheaply made product. Our Dynamic design offers multiple planes of movement offering many MORE benefits through productive play!

There are similar items but not the Same as Dizzy Disc
It is completely Original!!

California Express

We are based in California and all product being shipped to customers located in this state receive FREE SHIPPING!


We offer a Special Promotions for Schools & Homeschooling! 

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The Dizzy Disc Design is a Difference Maker in Play

Consider purchasing a Dizzy Disc.... it will make a positive impact on a child!

Dear Parents, Teachers, Therapists and Fans,

The Dizzy Disc Family of Products for 20 plus years has provided the 'Joy of Play' into homes, schools, and clinics worldwide for children needing movement, sensory input and unlimited benefits for a children in their overall happiness.

Parents require additional In-Home Activities as well as supplemental therapy due to the lack of professional therapy services available and funding. The Dizzy Disc Design is much 'More than a Toy' its a Special Piece of Therapy Equipment. Home schooling is now becoming more popular. The need for kids to stay more active throughout the day and have access to play in confined spaces will provide them access to on-demand recess through the movement opportunities Dizzy Disc Products provides.

Teachers and Therapists benefit from this flexible therapy tool for many different enviornments. Public Schools, Day Cares, Homeschooling and Churches can offer an alternative to traditional playgrounds that are becoming less available. Dizzy Disc Products are 24/7 365! We offer a 2-year Unconditional Warranty because our products are Built to Last!!!

Thank you for Visiting our Home Page
-Manny- Creator and Owner 

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