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"New Addition for Bigger Kids'"

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Parents, Teachers & Therapists the Dizzy Disc Line of Products will be a valuable resource in the home, school or clinic for your childs' sensory processing needs and their further development. Both versions our Original Dizzy Disc 16" for kids' 3-8 and our new addition 8 and up version of our New 24" TherapyWide Dizzy Disc hand crafted out of a ligthweight and strong wood construction offer the same sensory experience. The Built-in Lever allows a progressive adjustment of the platform from Flat to an Inclined Slope offering the unique multiple planes of movement.

We are now offering special promotional pricing for Parents who require additional In-Home Therapy for their children. Dizzy Disc products will help kids' with their Home-Schooling tasks to help kids' engaged into their homework by offering a 24/7 Go To place to release energy keep focused and calm the body for ease of learning. Dizzy Disc is also a great Pre-Sleep Activity.

Both Versions offer similar benefits and are geared for all ages.

Please feel free to email us or Chat with us to ask any questions or ideas regarding the function, cost, policies and what we can do to make this product a reality for your home, school, or professional therapy business.

Verified Purchase

My soon to be 6 year old needed vestibular input. She was always spinning dangerously on my kitchen stools. Rocking chairs were not satisfying enough. The Dizzy Disc has fulfilled her needs. She spins in the morning before school, afternoon and in the evening.  Worth every penny!

Integrated Hand Grips

Help Build Fine-Motor

Built in Lever Adjusts Angle of Slope offering Multiple Planes of Movement

Verified Purchase

I have 2 boys, 1 age 7 yrs and 1 age 3 years. They both LOVE this toy! All kids like the feeling of getting dizzy and this give them a fun and safe way to play. Thank you for making such a fun quality product that is made in the USA!!! Also, the price is definitely worth the quality.

Verified Purchase

Couldn't figure out why this was so expensive, but after reading reviews splurged for my 3 and 13 year old. Glad I did! Super sturdy and very well made. Will last for years! Both kids love it! One of the best toy/amusement/therapy purchased I've ever made.

Built in Handle to Carry with you only weighs 8lbs

Lightweight & Portable

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