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Check out some So Called competitors and compare what you get compared to the Dizzy Disc Original the #1 Spinner with a Tilt


Product Comparison between Sit N Spin, Spin Disc and the

Dizzy Disc the Ultimate Spin Disc Design!

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There are two Spinners that people think are the same as Dizzy Disc but they are not even close from Top to Bottom and end up making the wrong decision and wasting money and time don't blame me read this and contact us so we can get a proper fit for your childs age, weight and height. Don't be afraid to reach out and connect with us through our Chat Bar below so we can guide you to make the right decision this is what we do. Sit N Spin made outside the USA has limitations and won't grow with your childs' movement needs and only holds upto 60lbs maybe and has no tilt! Do Not buy a Spin Disc that will only last for 3 months before it breaks and has no warranty!! We know we have the Best Value Top to Bottom and we back our product unlike our so called competitors. Do your homework and verify the information on Amazon with the reviews that we have summarized below with key points so we want you to make the Right decision with your hard earned money.


-Ages 1-3 up to 60lbs

-Made of Cheap Plastic

-Cheap bearings

-No Tilt

-Difficult to Rotate

-Assembly Required

-Ages 3-6 upto 125 lbs

-Hollow Plastic

-Fixed Tilt

-Weak Bearing Support

-Slippery Platform

-Limited Warranty


-No Warranty

Dizzy Disc Direct sells you our products Factory Direct so you save on expensive Seller Fees and tacked on freight to FBA that are passed on to you as the Buyer. See our Special Pricing on our Shop & Save Page. Thank you for Visiting!

Verified Review

My soon to be 6 year old needed sensory input. She was always spinning on my kitchen stools. Rocking chairs were not satisfying enough. The Dizzy Disc has fulfilled her needs. She spins in the morning before school, afternoon and in the evening.  Worth every penny because it only cost pennies a day!

Verified Review

I have 2 boys, 1 age 7 yrs and 1 age 3 years. They both LOVE this toy! All kids like the feeling of getting dizzy and this give them a fun and safe way to play. Thank you for making such a fun quality product that is made in the USA!!! Also, the price is definitely worth the quality.

Verified Review

Couldn't figure out why this was so expensive, but after reading reviews splurged for my 3 and 13 year old. Glad I did! Super sturdy and very well made. Will last for years! Both kids love it!  

Our listing for Dizzy Disc Original on Amazon is currently unavailable FOR SALE so you can take advantage of further discounts available here at our Direct Home Page.

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