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Dizzy Disc TherapyWide 22

Dizzy Disc TherapyWide 22


Holds Upto 400lbs best for Ages 12 and UP.

  • TherapyWide Details

    Dizzy Disc Therapy Wide is manufactured and designed by the Creators of the Dizzy Disc Original version which is geared for older children and or adult populations that provides the same benefits of Sensory Input and or Balance/Vestibular through Rotary Movement. The TherapyWide Dizzy Disc is designed with a 24” wide platform base and a 22" inch top platform which has built in handles as well as a smooth non slip surface pad. Developed for Clinical, In-Home and or Studio use.

    Please message us regarding any questions relating to this new model. Shipping varies depending on location. We pack the unit is a double wall shipping box and we will ensure the product for freight through UPS to ensure the product arrives safely and is protected ready for immediate use.


  • Payment Gateway Instructions

    Make sure to enter all fields in the Name section when placing your order to enable you to go into the next screen to complete order. If you have any questions please email us at

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